One stop shop for gun enthusiasts

Medlock Firearms


Medlock Firearms is owned by a team of gun owners and enthusiasts who not only provide technical services, but also help you understand the importance of safety and protection of firearms. Apart from buying and selling guns we alter your guns to the ones you wish for.

Our Services Mainly Include

  • Gunsmithing - repairing guns, altering guns for the better
  • Gun ranges
  • Selling & Buying guns
  • Providing knowledge on various firearms and safety


One of our unique and most useful services includes gunsmithing. This includes repairing and altering broken guns, old guns or firearms that need that ‘extra touch’ to them. We also offer duracoat and cerakote coatings. Our services are not just limited to guns; we offer services to bows and accessories too. If you require that extra finish to your firearms then walk in to our store! We offer honest, friendly, straight forward advice and full service. We are a one-stop shop and take care of any service related to firearms; so all the gun enthusiast’s out there, there’s no more waiting for you! Step in today for a free estimate! Our stores is located in Collinsville.